Sunday, 29 November 2009

Get Gary Knighted - Let's make it happen

There is a campaign going on to get Gary Barlow knighted and TTC is a strong supporter of it. I would therefore like to encourage everyone to take part and help to promote the idea because we (Amelia, the initiator of the campaign, TUTSCentral and TTC and other groups) strongly feel that Gary deserves a knighthood because of all his charity efforts.

TUTSCentral came up with a summary this morning why this should happen (please note: this is a summary of Gary's charity work this year only, there is lots more he did).

To support the idea you could follow @getgaryknighted on Twitter for example and help to spread the word. The next step would be that a letter to the Queen will go out (that is the usual process) and @getgaryknighted is currently collecting ideas.

Amelia would like to involve as many supporters as possible and you can let her know your ideas by tweeting them to @getgaryknighted. It can be just a thought, a line or a full paragraph - whatever comes into your mind. A deadline has not yet been set and we will keep you posted.

funny promo photo taken at Gary's nearest letter box

Several celebrities have already referred to the idea (including Chris Moyles, who mentioned it on Radio One, Camilla Kerslake and heatworld) and Gary already knows about the campaign. Please feel free to get in touch, let us know your thoughts and ideas and help make it happen :-)

In order to keep the language barrier as low as possible: you can contact Take That City for comments in German. If you would like to volunteer for another language (Italian, Spanish, anything), please do not hesitate to get in touch :-)

Please note that @getgaryknighted, TUTSCentral and Take That City are different groups and independent from each other. The person behind @getgaryknighted is Amelia.

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Anonymous said...

Well, he has my vote. He really deserves it after all he did during the past and I'm sure that there's much more to come in future.