Thursday, 26 November 2009

What TTC did last summer

Remember this and this ? I took the photo below last summer, when I discovered that Gary's and Robbie's former apartments have room on one lense. I love this panoramic view (except for the dirty water) and I wonder whether you could actually see Gary's apartment from one of Robbies balconies/windows ?


Kitty said...

I don't quite think you could since the other buildings are in the way but Gary said in his book that he could see Rob's aparment from the hotesl they used to stay at!? Maybe you get to take a pic of the bridge that runs to Gary's old apartment at night - it's beautiful! All lit and the view from there is brill! ;o)

LONDON said...

Yes, thats true. The hotel is a short walk from the apartment. I saw that bridge yesterday only, it is beautiful indeed. I see what I can do.

LONDON said...

I crossed the bridge again and had a closer look. There is no away you can see Gary's former apartment from Robbie's house. It was not dark when I was there, so no photo (yet) of this bridge and its beautiful lights.