Sunday, 6 December 2009

From Little Take That City: Ashton Drive in Frodsham

A bit more history from Little Take That City

Gary used to live in Ashton Drive

13 Ashton Drive

There is not much going on in Frodsham, but there is a bus stop

and even a small supermarket

and I found this funny car just around the corner from Gary's former home :-)


Kitty said...

Gary lived in Ashton DRIVE and Howard grew up in Ashton, didn't he? WHAT a funy little co-incidence! *lol*

LONDON said...

Yeah there was something about Howard and Ashton in some footage, but I cannot remember exactly. I wanted to discuss this with a friend a while ago but she told me to shut up because I was confusing her lol

Anonymous said...

I lived in Ashton Drive till i had my son Adam n moved to 8 clifton crescent were garys grand parents lived Mr + Mrs Barlow wot a beautiful garden they left me.