Friday, 23 October 2009

From Little Take That City: Jason Ti Amo

I call Manchester little Take That City because it's got a Piccadilly, a London Eye, an Oxford Road and it is where Take That were formed in the 90s. It is an important place for a Thatter and for many fans being at their shows in Manchester is different from being at a show in another city.

TTC recently had the idea to also blog about Take That in Manchester and I think it is time to look back a bit and compare now and then. Although Take That now spend most of their time down in London, you can still see the marks of the 90s at numerous places in Manchester. I uploaded a video on youtube where you can see a wall with messages for Jason near his former home (not far from the Gmex) in the mid 90s. Some are more than 10 years old and still visible.

Messages include

"Jason I love you", "Jason ti amo", "Joni has been here" and "BOB" - not sure whether Robbie is meant by this or someone else. Someone left a message for all Take That members - have a look yourself.

Have you ever left a message for a Take That member at their homes ? Let us know in our latest fun poll and feel free to share your memories by commenting on this blog post. TTC would like to know what message you left :-)


Anonymous said...

*lol* Cannot believe there are still stains on the wall after all these years! I was up there some months ago but I totally missed that wall! Ta! ;o)

LONDON said...

I nearly missed it as well and was about to leave when I noticed something like "Jason" on a wall. I knew there are still messages for him somewhere there but I had major trouble finding them and nearly asked someone whether he knows where I can find them lmao