Friday, 30 October 2009

A knackered looking Gary at Radio One this morning

TTC met a knackered looking Gary Barlow this morning. You may have seen the photos of Gary at Radio One this morning at the usual websites already, so TTC would like to share some background info on what was happening. Gary arrived a bit later than usual (Chris Moyles came out for a fag before he arrived) as he visited another radio station just around the corner, but took time to sign everyones books, cds or just blank paper before meeting Chris Moyles upstairs. He said good morning to everyone, I mean everyone - he said good morning many times which makes him a really nice guy. There were not too many people outside, so those who were there were lucky and got their autograph. Gary was later joined by his daughter Emily; a nice way to spend half term me thinks :-)

TTC has uploaded some (not so usual) photos. Have a look below :-)

Gary signing a book or something

find Gary !

Did you find him ?

I know some of you do get confused - it is James in the forground, Paul looks different ;-)

Paps get papped by paps (me, *giggle*)

Source: belga picture

And finally: Gary with a goodie bag he got from a hardcore fan this morning. It looks a bit christmassy and even had a personal message for him. I had a look inside the bag before it was handed over to him, but since I left my head at home this morning, I have major problems to remember what exactly was inside. It had some candy and something that said "Jack Daniels" inside and also a cassette (you know the thing before CDs came out), but there was loads more which I cannot remember.

Update on the content of the bag (quote):

inside the bag was sherbert fountains, his fav, choc, lots of jack daniels..his fav, tshirt, handcuffs,whoopie cushion, an original demo tape of gary when he was 14-15 my dad got coz he from manchester (although his was copied from mine), a cd both me and liz wrote and recorded for him although its terrible and we cant sing! a card, and some love heart sweets...which we leave wherever we go, we filled the card with confettii too and wrote that we hoped it made a mess."

AAWW! and TTC touched the Jack Daniels :-)

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