Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gary in Leicester Square this afternoon

Hello Take That and especially Gary fans:) Below is today's highlight in our world of Take That; a 13 second (wow) video of Gary leaving a radio station in Leicester Square this afternoon. He actually was there with Camilla Kerslake for an interview with Classic FM, but left with a man ! ? With him a trendy Classic FM plastic bag, perhaps filled with goodies ? There were no fans in sight, so he walked undisturbed to his car just before 5 pm.

Sorry for the shaky hand in the second half of the video. I got a bit carried away while watching the preparations for some movie premiere tonight at the cinema right next to the radio station.

For a very good quality of the video, please feel free to visit the Take That City youtube channel.


Anonymous said...

Only some hours before..... :(
My most sincere sympathies to Gary and his Family

LONDON said...

Thank you Anonymous.

Catherine Barlow said...

I love the video. So gorgeous Gary
thanks for the video!


Anonymous said...

woooow :o)