Saturday, 19 September 2009

Take That @ Abbey Road

As most of you know Take That were working on a not so secret project at the Abbey Road Studios not long ago. Abbey Road is one of London top addresses and TTC would like to show you what is going on there :-) Below is the pretty boring looking entrance, which has been used by very famous artists. I cannot think of anyone else apart from the Beatles and Take That now, but I guess there is no one of more importance anyway;-) What is very funny to see are the tourists on the zebra crossing trying to imitate the fab four (not our fab four).

Jason leaving Abbey Road Studios few years ago.

Mark leaving Abbey Road Studios on the other side.

Was not surprised to find this on the wall.


"What a silly photo" you may think... I tell you why this is interesting: Howard parked his car here, the last time probably was 9 September 2009.


Mrs Mark Owen said...

Oh dear, another place for a TT pilgrimage.. and another wall to scribble on ;)

LONDON said...

there are a lot more places to come :)