Sunday, 13 September 2009

Letter Box Series: Howard

TTC showed you Gary's nearest letter box a while ago (OK it actually was ages ago in February this year) and you now have the chance to have a look at Howard's nearest letter box. The one below is very close to his London house and he actually might be able to see it from his front windows. This is a good thing because where I live there is no letter box in walking distance.

That is the back view. Why I took a photo from the back ? Because if Howard really can see the box from his house then he sees something like this. Special feature: chewing gum sticking on the box.


Anonymous said...

Brief einwerfe auf dem ganz groƟ HAPPY BIRTHDAY steht! Whit love Gary, Mark, Howard, Jason & Janice!

LONDON said...

LOL wie genial, ich kann hier nicht mehr, hahahhaaa