Sunday, 24 March 2013

Two and a half years on

I have nothing to do with Take That.  But I enjoyed our time and like to remember how excited moving to London got me six years ago.  It is absolutely ridiculous how much time I spent in West London (I lived East and still do); today I only go there once every few months to get my hair done and maybe some dinner.  I have even forgotten Take That's addresses.  I am not sure if I'd find the way to Gary's new place straight away.  Mark's would probably be easier as I spent a lof of time searching back then! Anyway, it is no longer important.  I am so tied up with work I do not have time for anything else. I often wonder where I took the energy from to follow Take That so closely.

The excitement London brought me in the past has worn off.  It is just some place to me now and I have actually been thinking of relocating.  But then, I do not want to start from scratch again and put a good job at risk.  My life has become so monotone I could live anywhere without having to adjust.  I spend most of my day in The City and then make my way home to the East and get annoyed by inconsiderable commuters day in day out.  Once in a while I have enough and work from home.  Why not. 

I often wonder what happend to you Thatters I met over the years.  I know some got married, have had babies, have moved on etc. but some I have no clue.  Hopefully everyone is doing well and perhaps still enjoying Take That.  I still do not see anything wrong with this blog.  I had so much fun I will always remember.  You have no idea how terrific it was to spend whole nights on the web and put pieces together that would eventually provide me with the information I wanted (and you). 


Anonymous said...

Dear LDN-
great to hear from you again. I just had to grin because what you are writing there could have come from me. When I moved to London for some time it felt like such a buzz but soon wore off as everyday life kicked in. Also, I often look back at my more active TT days. I used to do the same as you: spending nights at the computer investigating, putting two and two together and finding out so unbelievably many things about the lads. It did not have anything to do with stalking. It started with curiosity and became something like a personal challenge, never directed at hunting or pestering any of the lads. It was a fun thing to do - there is so much information on the net if you only know how to combine and to conclude. What a shame I only found out you were doing that kind of thing, too! It would have been great to have someone to team up with back then! It sounds like your active TT days are somehow over. The same here. Not because I do not adore them anymore. It was more about having to move on because otherwise I might have found myself 40 years later and having missed out on getting somewhere in life. However, sometimes I miss the old days. Like today when I return the the great times back then in my mind. Wishing you all the best! Thanks for having down this blog back then. I thought it was mint!
Love, K.

LONDON said...

Hi K,

I'm surprised someone actually read my post! I know quite a few Thatters who investigated a lot and most of them were decent fans, if you know what I mean. The thing was I was too young firt time around and once they got back together I made the most of it like so many of us. It would have been nice to team up indeed. Hey, where are you from? Drop me a line and tell me whether you are still in London.

I enjoyed doing this blog very much. It has a lot of work and memories in it. Sometimes I just would like to revisit certain parts of London again just to remember the good old times. I have not been to SW London in years!