Friday, 25 September 2009

Mark's Private Studio

Happy Friday everyone:-) Today there is some news about Mark, have a look below. This is a plan of Mark's private studio in Take That City, just for him and his writing. However, he maybe sometimes is joined by his colleagues. What a fantastic idea to build a studio just for oneself, he ?

The studio is small and its size was most likely restricted by the local circumstances, however, I guess it is sufficient and even has a small room with space for some storage. There also is a tiny bathroom, where - as former band member Robbie Williams would say (2:00 min) - the Take That members go for a pee or a pooh. Now I hope this does not come across childish, but for some reason this scene just came into my mind when writing this text. Of course the studio is isolated, has got proper doors and everything so the people living close by should not be disturbed. TTC hopes Mark enjoys working there, we definitely would.