Thursday, 6 August 2009

Everyone gets flyers !

Today this could be the Greatest Day of your life... please scroll down for unique competition.

As the topic says: celebrities do get flyers too and so does Gary. The flyer below was distributed in his street not long ago and I doubt that he would ever make use of the offered service: regular house cleaning. I am sure someone is already looking after everything at home. Have a look at the flyer yourself yourself !

I have decided to do one of you a little favour and would like to give away this wonderful flyer. I do not ask you a tricky question to get this souvenir from Take That City, all you need to do is to email me your name (can be a nickname) and location or tweet your name and location on Twitter to TakeThatCity (the blue-yellow logo with the hat on one of the T's). Everyone can take part, no restrictions reg. age, location etc., I know there are fans in all parts of the world.

Please do only take part once. This flyer is genuine. This is a fun competition in our wonderful world of Take That and not a joke ! :-)

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Janice said...

Yes.... I like it! :)