Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Take That @ BBC Studios

I sometimes get asked "where can I see Take That in London?" or "where do I need to go for a certain TV show?" Here is the answer for Thursday; the day after tomorrow. Friday Night With Jonathan Ross will be recorded at the BBC Studios in White City, but in my opinion going there is a bit pointless, since they will drive in (on the left) and drive out (on the right). However, you can always try as they, especially Mark, sometimes lower the window of the car to greet some fans. Watch out for a silver Mercedes van (for the case they all get collected together) or some silver Mercedes notchbacks (for the case they get collected individually).

The recording will start around 7pm, so the rehearsals will be somewhen in the afternoon already, and the show normally finishes around 9pm.


Anonymous said...

Itc can indeed be al ittlep pointless to go since you dont't get closer to the studio than to the gates that you can see on the pix. Thel last times I went there to catch the lads there was not much to see of them - only blackened car windows.Howard lowered his window to say hello, bless him, but Gaz, Mark and Jay hid well behind the dark windows... :o(

LONDON said...

that's true. however, london offers more opportunities than any other city in europe. thanks for sharing your experience :-)