Saturday, 6 June 2009

One of Robbie's former houses in 2009

Taadaa ! What you see below is one of Robbie's former houses in Kensington in 2009. He lived there less than 10 years ago (wow) and reportedly sold it a few years back . I am not entirely sure whether this is true or not, however, some more or less reliable source says it was sold at £7 million. That would make a £4 million profit, well done Robbie ! This absolutely is my favourite house of any of the boys. I prefer it to Gary's, Mark's, Howard's and Jason's houses/flats and would move in straight away.

I wonder why he moved out. Probably because of a lack of privacy. Congrats to everyone living there now.


Anonymous said...

It´s a really nice house. But it is a little bit too big , isn`t it? :-D
Anyway, you`re right. It is a quite lovely house.

LONDON said...

Yeah, it definitely is HUGE. it even has/had a dance floor and i now understand why gary didnt buy it lol.

Janice said...

My House,....verry nice! ;-)

LONDON said...

and your car! lol