Monday, 25 May 2009

Mark seen at the Nags Head in Covent Garden

This is a bit of an unusual story, I found this on the internet when househunting earlier this year. Mark was seen at the Nags Head in Covent Garden and seemed to have a good time. One guest commented on his sighting on the internet, but since his word choice was not very civilised, I had to modify his report. Also, I do not feel comfortable with sharing all of his "pretended experiences" that night.

Long story short: He claims that Mark had one too many and that he saw him at the very private place below.

Please do not take this too seriously.


Anonymous said...

How cares about something like that!

LONDON said...

Everyone reading here is guilty.

jennic said...

We all are! haha
Nice blog! I have other blog with some friends, you are all invited to come and visit :)

LONDON said...

I am a loyal reader of blogforgood;)

Anonymous said...

okay he went to the pub and had to many! whats wrong with that?!


LONDON said...

absolutely nothing. why are u asking ?