Monday, 20 April 2009

Howard's London home

TTC reported about Gary’s home a while ago and thought it is time for the next in row – Howard. He virtually is a neighbour of Gary since he also owns a house in Kensington. Obviously, he does not stay there all the time and mainly uses the house for his „London visits“. So what is special about Howard’s house? Not much, really. There are nicer houses in his street but it seems Howard does not want to attract attention - just like Gary or Mark. It is a huge house on a quiet street but with lots of neighbours. It’s got windows and a door, several floors, a huge lounge, outdoor space and off street parking. It is not gated and if you wish to knock on his door you could do so. When the curtains are not closed, you may even be able to have a glimpse inside. It’s location is just perfect – very central and not far from shops.

And how much was this house? It was much more expensive than Mark’s which may be due to two facts: the location of Howard’s house and the time he bought it. The house went off the market last summer at a time when prices were at a high. It could well be that this house is less worth today.

Howard's sky in April 2009


Janice said...

Wo könnte denn nur dieses Häuschen sein! *grübel*

LONDON said...

na in Kensington:-) Haeuschen ist untertrieben!

Janice said...

Ich sehs ja nicht! *lach* Aber das Bäumchen ist auch nett!