Friday, 27 March 2009

An interview with meet&greet winner Janice

Today’s entry is slightly off topic since it has nothing to do with London but Take That City would like to share thoughts of a fan with you. Janice met Take That at a meet&greet in Germany last week and it probably was one of her happiest days in life. Read the interview below and please feel free to leave comments in your preferred language.

TTC: Janice, you met Mark, Howard and Gary recently. How did it come to this?

Janice: Take That were on radio promotion in Germany last week and my friend Sandy and me decided to try our luck and go to see them. However, one radio station announced a competition on the morning of the 19th and I just had to take part. The price was a meet and greet with Take That that same day and I couldnt believe when I got through and talked to a member of staff. I was nervous as hell but unfortunately did not win. The lucky girl was a member of the German fanclub and guess what? She could chose one person to go with her and she asked me. Woohooooo!

How long have you been waiting for that day?

I have been a fan since I was a little girl. I have always loved their music and was disappointed when they split up in the 90s. Ten years later, when they decided to start as a band again, I was still a fan and you could say I waited 14 years for that day. I never thought I would ever meet them. It was just awesome.

Mark is your favourite. Your very first meeting with him was quite unusual. Would you like to tell us why?

When we arrived at the radio station we got a short tour around the studio, needless to say that this was pretty exciting. We were told that Take That were there already but they were still at lunch so we had to wait a little longer. We then were just walking around and there was some guy coming out of the mens and it was Mark. I thought for a second my heart was going to stop. I thought „Mark really goes to the toilett“. I know it sounds mental but that’s what I thought. He looked at us with his well known smile and I tried to tell the other fan who I just saw. He was still looking at us and then disappeared. Strange how such a normal thing can bring you close to fainting, but it was a very special day.

And then you officially met all of them. How was that?

The meet&greet itself was pretty relaxed and I felt very comfortable. Gary, Howard and Mark (sadly Jason was ill and could not come) are really nice blokes and they answered all our questions, signed our albums and looked at the photo albums we brought along. Gary really liked them and Howard was asking where his photo album was. I was nervous as hell and Mark tried to calm me down and explained that there was no reason to be nervous. He then said that he liked my name and signed my album with: to Janice with love Mark Owen.

We also had a group photo taken and then it was time for them to go because they had several appointments at other radio stations. They were nearly out of the door but Mark explained he can speak German and said „Tschüß“. I was very happy about the fact that they are so nice and normal.

It must have been an amazing feeling to shake hands with Mark.

Yes, it was. I was speechless which is very unusual for me. Mark approached me, smiled at me and said: Hello, I’m Mark Owen from Take That. Nice to meet you and how are you? I was just thinking: Wow, he really introduces himself to me. And then I noticed how soft his hands were...

Didn’t you just want to start drooling?

My brain was thinking „please don't start to drool“ but at the same time my mouth was totally dry. My hands were wet and I have never been that nervous before.

When will you see each other again?

I will see Take That on 3 July at Wembley but dont think they will see me between all those people. I told Mark that I would be coming to London and he said: We’ll see, maybe see you again soon. But my chances are close to zero. Although I dont think I will ever see them that close again, I am really looking forward to that concert and will never forget that day, wherever I am.

Thank you Janice. Take That City is looking forward to meeting you in July.

Watch Janice's personal video of her greatest day here .


Anonymous said...

Uuuuuuuwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , das hast du sooooo toll gemacht!

LG Janice

LONDON said...

it was a pleasure to interview you! Thanks a lot

Janice said...

Ich lese das immer wieder gerne! *knutsch*