Saturday, 14 February 2009

Jason loves it organic

Somewhen in 2008 Jason was spotted with a Whole Foods bag (I think it was at a radio station for some promotion, but hey that's not important) and everyone just thought "that's so typical him". For those who don't know: Jason is believed to live very healthy. He hardly drinks alcohol (but was seen smoking recently). Whole Foods is the organic store and of course it is a bit pricy. The most popular one is on High Street Kensington and it is very likely that the shop below is the one where Jason got his bag. So if you are around don't miss out to sneak inside and get your souvenir bag. You also have to try the ladies upstairs - it's increadibly clean and modern.



They sometimes have great offers such as Glycerine Lotions named JASON. However, this weeks offer is not in the most appealing design. I suppose it's addressed to ladies in their 50s and above but it was worth a picture.
If you would like to see, touch and smell JASON make your way to the check out where you can find the offer.

A typical souvenir bag. Watch out: they may charge you for the bag as it is an organic store which cares about environment. (That does not mean that Jason does not care about environment).

It's probably not a bad idea to bring your own bags as this one here will not survive busy London for very long. Imagine heavy rain or even snow! A typical Whole Foods bag will be soaking wet.


Nathalie said...

please stop posting here! you're making me curious!

LONDON said...

why curious?

Anonymous said...

*lach* , wie cool!
Schön, dass es wieder neue Dinge gibt. Du machst das toll.



LG Janice

LONDON said...

dankeschön! ich hab eben auch meinen pflichtteil an dich erfüllt;)) bald gibts auch was von mark beim shoppen, bin aber noch nicht ganz fertig;)